Suction cone

The streamlined design of the suction cone at the end of the dip tube allows an optimal suction of viscous media and those containing solids.

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Electrically conductive

Dip tubes made of electrically conductive plastic, for dispensing flammable liquids and for use in explosive atmospheres. Only to be used in conjunction with electrically conductiv...
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Manual insertion

If the container is not transported with the dip tube, the dip tube can also be inserted manually by hand. Optional wings at the dip tube stopper...
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Coding pins

Our QC dip tubes can also be purchased uncoded and coded to the appropriate chemical as needed. If an additional optical differentiation between different chemicals is required, t...
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Universal drum wrench

Universal drum wrench for safely opening, closing and fitting dip tubes and screw plugs.

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Key-code checker

Our QC dip tubes can also be purchased uncoded and easily be coded to the appropriate chemical as needed.
That reduces warehousing and improves flexibility. The use of key-code checkers helps in this respect and enables error-free operations.

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Tamper proof closures

To make sure that the container is not opened or otherwise manipulated during transportation, dip tubes can be equipped with tamper proof closures.
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Docking station for dip tubes

In case the dip tube has to be changed on site, the docking station for dip tubes provides a safe storage option. Material PE For dip tubes DT - DT3 - GT2 Item-no.: RDC-89745 ...
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